Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga combines breath and movement in a specific sequence to create an intense internal heat with a purifying and detoxifying sweat. Wendy started her professional career after graduating near the top of her class in athletic training at Springfield College.  She is now one of the top manual therapists in New England treating myriad of injuries and chronic pain dysfunctions. Wendy began practicing Ashtanga yoga in 1996.  She did her first teacher training with Beryl Bender Birch and Tom Birch in 2000 and has continued to study with numerous teachers, including David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff, and Christine Hoar, and Kimberly Dhalmann.  She completed the RYT 200 teacher training with Kimberly Dhalmann from YogaEast Yoga in Maine.   As a teacher, she intuitively guides the body with hands on adjustments and modifications to create a safe environment, making the practice accessible to most everyone.

Yoga Classes

Ashtanga  Basics

This class is perfect for the student new to yoga. This class covers the fundamentals of Ashtanga, including breath, movement and postural form. Precise and methodical instruction is given at a slower, even pace to allow for a deeper understanding of alignment and breath. Sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses and beginning backbends are introduced

Class time is approximately 60 minutes.

Primary Series

Primary series includes 50 of the most important poses in yoga. The entire primary series of the Ashtanga system is taught in its traditional format. The focus is on the meditative flow of breath and movement (vinyasa). This class focuses on the execution of breath transitions, sequence of postures and internal and external form. Pace is dynamic and steady.  Familiarity with Ashtanga is suggested. 

Approximate class time is 90 minutes.

**All you need to get started: Yoga mat and small towel. If this your first yoga experience and don't have a mat, we have a limited number available that you are welcome to use.


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