Although Craniosacral therapy (CST), Visceral manipulation, and neural manipulation are not a panacea for all post concussion symptoms, they can be a powerful adjunct to the care of individuals whose lives and those of their families have been severely altered as a result of these symptoms. Success had been reported clinically by advanced practitioners such as Wendy and documented results in pilot studies.

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Concussion is the result of the head hitting an object or a moving object hits the head. Concussion can also occur when the head and neck are subjected to violent movements without directly contacting an object. This can occur during a whiplash type of injury. In this instance, it is referred to as a countertop injury in which the brain is thrown against the side of the cranium. This force then moves the brain toward the opposite side of the skull resulting in another forceful contact. Repeated hits resulting in concussion such as athletes participating in football and soccer, or hockey can lead to a cumulative development of symptomology.

Depending on the amount and direction of the force, vasculature to the brain tears and internal bleeding occurs. Also damaged are the neurons, neuronal centers and glia tissue which support the various brain structures. The resulting damage in function varies across a continuum. Symptoms may not show up until later, sometimes a year or more. this is referred to as post concussion syndrome.


Emotional, behaviorally, a person can become more irritable, aggressive, anxious, depressed, apathetic or other personality changes. Cognate dysfunction may exhibit with difficulties in concentration and/or memory. Physical symptoms headaches, neck pain, dizziness, tinnitus, double vision, sleep disorders and fatigue.


"My daughter suffered a significant concussion in early 2015. Her symptoms were so severe that any activity cause severe migraine-type headaches, dizziness, and pain. Overstimulation, due to lights, people or focusing while studying, caused her symptoms to increase to the point where she began missing school and ultimately had to be pulled out of school. She was physically and emotionally spent, yet was unable to sleep. We had exhausted all recommended post-concussion treatments with no effective results....until Wendy was recommended to us. In just one session with Wendy, my daughter experienced an immediate reduction in symptoms. Her headache, present for almost 4 months, was gone. She had a decrease in her dizziness and even attended a crowded event 8 hours after the first session with a minimal return of symptoms. That afternoon and night she slept soundly for the first time since the accident. Wendy continued working with us for a couple of months, which enabled my daughter to return to school and ultimately graduate with her class, which we thought would be impossible just a few months prior. Wendy treated my daughter until she was assured my daughters symptoms were resolved.

We are so very grateful to Wendy for her knowledge, caring and excellent treatment. We would recommend Wendy to anyone who has suffered a concussion. The treatment was not invasive or taxing to my daughter and the results were phenomenal...Thank you Wendy…"

- Sue Stevens, Southwick, MA

"It's pretty hard to sum it all up in a few sentences. I know this is long ,but I felt Matthew's story needs to be told since so many don't understand the significance of head trauma in youths.

Wendy was able to give my son his life back. My son is a year- round avid athlete and has been playing sports since he could walk. He has had his share of injuries. However, he has suffered two diagnosed concussions.

In 2014 at the age of 12, he headed a ball during a soccer game. He did not black out; however, he suffered a severe concussion. We went to many doctor appointments, attended physical therapy to get his balance and eye movement coordination back and missed a lot of school. Eventually in November he seemed back on track.

Almost exactly a year later, he was blind sided with a soccer ball during a game and suffered his second concussion. We knew what we were up against and worked with doctors and therapists to bring him back to strength - again missing a lot of school. This time he hated being known as having concussions so he hid a lot of his symptoms. It was not until late December, when his grades plummeted and his mood swings were worse, that we recognized he needed help. The doctors had done what they could. Thankfully, a friend suggested Wendy.

As a family, we do believe in a holistic approach to health. However, it does still feel a bit unknown. With slight trepidation, we met with Wendy. My son had constant headaches, he was unable to sleep through the night and had significant irritability. Not to mention he is a teenager. The first session provided minimal relief. We still continued. After the third session we saw a drastic difference. During this session, Wendy not only did craniosacral therapy but also visceral therapy. The change was immediate and lasting.

Wendy's knowledge is so clear and it guides her during sessions. I see her understanding my son's body and watch her work to bring him back into balance. Many times he dozes off. After every session he is tired and feels such relief that he always expresses how thankful he is to be able to go to Wendy.

I know my son is better because of Wendy. All of his teachers tell me what a different person/student he is now - happy, confidant and he participates more. My son does not have the constant headaches. He is able to sleep at night. He feels that he is finally in control of his body and doesn't have to live with the constant fear of his symptoms returning. My son would not have been able to heal with just 'traditional' practices. I am extremely thankful Wendy gave my son his health and confidence back."

- Karen H