What is AmpCoil

The AmpCoil system is a modern, intelligently designed wellness tool that supports physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.  Ampcoil helps to restore and maintain the body's "inner ecology"  that your body needs to function properly.

The AmpCoil system delivers sound frequencies through a dedicated amplifier into a customized magnetic coil, creating a customized pulsed electromagnetic field that travels through the body.  Human bioenergetics return to a balanced harmonic state that nature intended.

I started using the AmpCoil after becoming sick while visiting Costa Rica in 2016. When I returned, I visited my primary and went through 3 mouths of antibiotics over the next 6 months. I tested positive for H pylori and parasites. Over the next 3 years, I was treated through allopathic, naturopath, Ayervedic doctors, doing numerous cleanses, homeopathic remedies, supplements, along with a very strict anti-inflammatory diet.  Countless acupuncture treatments, visceral manipulation, and Thai bodywork with very highly trained individuals. I was still not right after 3 years, not to mention the financial burden. I was introduced to AmpCoil and decided to invest in my health in a different way. I have been using the coil since 2018 and my overall health has improved dramatically. I now have a relaxed energy supply, I sleep better than I have ever slept, and I have a well balanced digestive system.  As a manual therapist, I need to have vitality, and wellness to practice efficiently.

The AmpCoil has brought me back to that sustained balance. In these stressful times, I am SO GRATEFUL that I have this tool, as well as the community and support from the company. I hope to help others find renewed  health in a non-invasive way.

”I have struggled with digestive issues for many years after drinking some contaminated water on a trip abroad.  That coupled with multiple episodes of food poisoning seemed to change my microbiome.   I was always in search of what could give me some sustained gut relief.  In November 2019, Wendy introduced me to the AmpcCoil.  I started with a voice analysis that actually spiked for microbes and some other parasites within my organ systems.  I was open-minded to try the 30 session detox.  As the sessions went by I began feeling stronger and stronger, and healthier and healthier.  Not only did I start feeling better physically, but I also felt more energized and emotionally grounded! Overall I noticed a big improvement in my digestive health, as evidenced by the fact that I actually hadn’t thought about my digestive tract in a while.  I did some extra sessions in early 2020 focused on my specific issues and some general wellbeing such as an immune booster, sleep enhancer and nutritional boost.  I paused coiling for awhile, and recently was having digestive issues, muscle fatigue, inflammation and general malaise.  I did one session combining a microbe and detox session.  That sane day, I actually felt better and had none of the systems that had been bothering me for the previous 5 days.  However this technology works is amazing.  I am excited to continue on my AmpCoil journey because I know that it has unique capacity to maintain health and wellness, along with improving and healing when needed.”  Thank you Wendy, Anne-Marie

For more information visit AmpCoil.com or contact Wendy at 413-348-5948 or wmarchese@icloud.com for a demo to experience AmpCoil for yourself!