IMG_0801The combination of CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation have been shown to be effective in improving a wide spectrum of health challenges in children.The birth process can be difficult on mother and baby. Birth trauma, such as suction, forceps, C-section, and in-utero malpositioning can generate mild to severe central nervous system abnormalities which may not show up until much later , even school years. As the child develops things like falls, abnormal neural activity, medications and toxicity can also have adverse and often delayed effects on the nervous system and organs. These trauma and many congenital and acquired health challenges respond well to these gentle treatments.

Wendy has completed numerous pediatric courses in Craniosacral therapy and Visceral manipulation . Her studies have taught her to ease tension patterns in children with non-invasive , specific techniques. Wendy has much success with the following areas in children, easing them of common issues: tordicollis, colic, reflux, vomiting, sucking difficulties and developmental disorders.

"Musculoskeletal strains on the newborn during growth and development and especially during delivery can cause problems throughout life. Recognizing and treating these dysfunctions in the immediate post partum period is one of the most important phases of preventative medicine."

- Viola Frymann


photo"My daughter saw Wendy for the first time a week or two after she was born. I had personally known Wendy for years as a yoga teacher and gifted practitioner and had received craniosacral work from Wendy for various aliments myself and felt improvement every time.

However, when she began working on Norah I was amazed. Norah had what most people would call a "difficult birth", nothing that I had planned for or wanted. Ranging from a very long labor with Pitocin, cord was wrapped around her neck, and suction was used to help "get her out" which resulted in torticollis (limited ability to fully turn her head do to limited muscle movement).

Thank goodness she was a strong and healthy baby overall.

Wendy got to work on her nervous system, worked on helping to release the torticollis, balance her organs and I'm sure a variety of other things. I never asked I just let Wendy do her work and bathed in the results that showed in my beautiful baby girl.

Norah saw Wendy every week for about 7 weeks and then every month or two until she was 1 yr old. Now Norah is 4 years old, we see Wendy as needed about 2-4 times a year. I can tell when Norah needs a treatment wether it's belly trouble or a change in her demeanor, it usually coincides with a grow spurt.

I feel the treatment my child received from Wendy was priceless, so much so that I booked an appointment for my goddaughter soon after she was born and would do the exact same if we have a second baby."

Renee H.


"My son and I have been in treatment with Wendy for 22 years. He was born with cranio-synostois and diagnosed with Pfeiffer Syndrome.
He had chronic ear aches, ear infections, sinus infections and eczema as a baby and had difficulty sleeping.

Sessions with Wendy limited these illnesses from occurring and helped him heal more quickly when he did get sick. The treatments helped calm him down and sleep better. His overall mood and demeanor improved after sessions with Wendy.

Wendy’s knowledge of the human body and it’s functioning, along with her gentle, holistic, and spiritual approach have proven beneficial to my son and myself for many years. She always explained what areas of the body she was working on; areas which were compromised or “stuck” and how she released these areas to improve overall body functioning and wellness.

Wendy formed a very special bond with my son Sean over the past 22 years and she got to know his personality and his system and how to improve its functioning and ability to heal. She taught him how to understand his body and how to relax on his own in between sessions.

I also have been in treatment on and off with Wendy over the past 22 years. As a person with high anxiety levels and stress, I found the sessions with Wendy to be very relaxing, comforting, and most beneficial. As I saw Wendy for a period of 22 years, I was fortunate to benefit from the continued courses and trainings she attended; she was and is deeply committed to improving her knowledge of the human body and its ability to heal itself through cranio-sacral and visceral therapy.

I recommend Wendy and her treatment approach to any individual who struggles with physical or emotional pain."

Eileen P. and Sean
Clients since 1994.