Headaches and Neck pain can be caused by the tension in the small ligaments at the base of the Occiput into the first Cervical vertebrae. I use this technique to begin to gently release the neck and bring the students into alignment and focus.
[box size=”large”]** Each Movement is done with very SMALL motions. (So if someone was watching you they may not notice you are moving your head. ) Large movements stretch the muscles. Smaller movements release the ligaments and relax the nerves in that area when combined with the breath.[/box]

  1. Sit in Lotus pose… ( just kidding ) sit in a chair preferably one that supports the upper back.. ( no Slouching )
  2. Let your shoulders relax away from your ears.
  3. Focus on the base of the skull into the first cervical vertebrae. Begin to move your head in VERY SMALL MOTIONS. . chin up and down “Yes”.
  4. Focus on the motion that is EASY and lengthen that side. In other words, do not focus on the “stiff “ side.
  5. Ear to shoulder each side. focusing again on the “easy “ side. come back to neutral.
  6. Chin to one shoulder then the other “No”
  7. Do a slight Sheer with the head like a “chicken moving his head “
  8. Bring your head back to midline. Create a slight smile in the back of your throat that no one can see… Tip of your Tongue to the back of the front teeth
  9. Breath 5 slow breaths.

** Doing this daily will help your neck flexibility and increase blood flow to the
brain **
** For more help with headaches and neck pain: