Try these simple movements to help your posture and reduce your discomfort.
Most of us are sitting more these days and tend to “sink into gravity” which compresses the vertebrae in the lower back where the Sciatic Nerve originates. Where the head is positioned while we sit also affects the lower back. Most of us have a “forward head with the Chin up” which puts the weight of the head into the lower back. For more info on the NECK check out this article.

*** Each movement is a very small movement **

  1. Sit in a chair with the feet on the floor and the upper back support.
  2. You may also kneel with a yoga block the long way between your ankles. Do not sit cross-legged as it is more difficult to access the “sits bones”
  3. Take a breath and notice which part of your spine feels heavy.
  4. Bring your focus to the “sits bones”, Notice if one side feels heavier than other.
  5. Bring your weight gently from right to left onto those bones. come back to neutral 3-4x focus on the lighter side.
  6. Bring your pelvis forward toward the pubic bone and then back toward the tailbone keeping your focus on the “sits bones” 3-4x Find the middle.
  7. Do a Slight Sheer bringing one knee slightly forward than the other 3-4x. Find the middle
  8. Small circle clockwise and then counterclockwise. find the midline
  9. Place your hands below the navel and lift your abdomen with your hands towards the navel .
  10. Lift up the pelvic floor and drop it 3-4x. Try to lift it from all sides very gently. ( it is not a Butt squeeze )
  11. Hold it lifted and take 5 deep breaths in and out through the nose.

Practice this each day and retrain your body to lift away from gravity.
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